Copy, Cut, Paste not Working in .net 2.0 MDI Application

For years I used to use ctrl-Ins and shift-Ins instead of ctrl-c and ctrl-v.  A couple of years ago I forced myself to switch over to the new “standard.”  Recently, I was forced to revert back to the ctrl-ins and shift-ins in a .net 2.0 MDI application I was working on.  Ctrl-c, ctrl-x, and ctrl-v wouldn’t work.  After a couple of wasted hours, I was able to figure out what was going thanks to some hard-to-find forum posts.  When you put a toolstrip control on the MDI form and let it put the starter menu items in for you, the Edit submenu items have short-cut keys defined for copy, cut and paste.  That seems nice until you realize that it disables those keys in all of your forms and controls.  Worse yet, there’s not really any code you can put in the event handler to make things work the way they should.  I just removed the short-cut keys.

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