Why Are Code Snippets XML?

Today I was going to write my first code snippet. I was tired of writing out the null argument check code in constructors. I figured it would be as easy as just taking some working code, replacing the variable name with a variable, and saving this somewhere. When I open the help….which takes forever and defaults to going on-line which makes me wish I had just googled what I was interested in except that the first link would probably have been a site wanting me to register before showing me the answer…I see that code snippets are effing XML. WHYYYYYY????? If there was ever a case of the misuse of XML to overcomplicate and obfuscate something simple. So my simple little code snippet which should have been something like:

if ($variableName == null)
throw new ArgumentNullException(“$variableName”);

Is this ridiculous XML monstrosity which I won’t even bother to list. It has the big long namespace and the oh-so-familiar overly verbose XML layout that completely sucks for authoring a code snippet. The XML is such a tedious pain in the ass I’m not even going to bother to create the snippet. Instead I spent the time posting this rant. :)

Why is Google’s Stock Price So High?

I am continually amazed at how bad the first link returned by Google is. It seems like it’s getting worse by the day. I searched on this phrase: “selectively copying table data using ssis.” The best Google could do is return a link showing a discussion group post where someone asked how to transfer data WITHOUT using SSIS. Thanks Google. Share price currently $510 and you return the opposite of what I ask for as the top link. You might want to put some of those talented people you keep hiring back on search.

P.S. (10/31/2007): Now at $700.