Unit Testing Multi-Threaded Asynchronous Events

I recently developed a stress/load testing tool. One of the classes implemented the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern. A good unit test for this class would be that the event is raised when expected (or at all). I found some posts on how to test events using NUnit. However, I did not see anything directly addressing the multi-threaded asynch event pattern. The following unit test uses an anonymous method and the ManualResetEvent to verify that the RunCompleted event fires after the call to RunAsync.

public void AfterRunAsync()
    ManualResetEvent manualEvent = new ManualResetEvent(false);

    TestTestCase tc = new TestTestCase(1, "", 0, 0);
    bool eventFired = false;
    tc.RunCompleted +=
        delegate(object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e) {
            Assert.IsInstanceOfType(typeof (TestTestCase), sender, "sender is TestCase");
            bool passed = tc.Passed;
            string output = tc.Output;
            eventFired = true;
    manualEvent.WaitOne(500, false);
    Assert.IsTrue(eventFired, "RunCompleted fired");