Windows Vista Using Network Printer on Windows XP

I’ve put Vista on both my son and my wife’s machines now and I like it. It looks really nice and has a lot of nice UI innovations. I am not a big MS fan per se, but I’m not an irrational hater either. Anyway, the first real annoyance I’ve had (actually, the second — counterstrike doesn’t have sound) was trying to use the Canon MP830 connected to my XP box from a Vista box. I wasted about an hour on this. You get an error trying to install the print driver when it prompts, apparently because the XP driver won’t work on Vista. You can’t make the Vista driver available for download from the XP box (they need to patch that ASAP). What finally worked was getting the Vista driver from Canon and installing it on the Vista machine. Then go to printers, add local printer, pick new port, click next, and then type in the UNC of the printer, EG \\hostname\printersharename. I did not come up with this myself but I wanted to improve it’s page rank so here’s the link.