Data Execution Prevention Error After Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Upgrade

This was really driving me nuts and almost caused me to completely switch to Chrome which I use from time to time. Here’s how I resolved the problem. As soon as I would launch IE 8, the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) dialogue box would pop up. I would hit OK and then it would shut down IE 8. I tried disabling DEP for Internet Explorer but this still happened at first about 50% and then almost 100% of the time. I even tried uninstalling the MSJVM. None of this helped.

I noticed that if I did not clear the DEP dialogue, I could move it out of the way and open another tab in IE8. I could also select Tools, Manage Add-Ons. I then disabled most of the add-ons (ones I didn’t really need or didn’t even know were there). That did the trick.

Hopefully this will help any other unfortunate souls out there with this very annoying problem.

23 Responses to “Data Execution Prevention Error After Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Upgrade”

  1. Eric Says:

    Dude thanks so much I thought it was IE8 that just sucked causing all the problems and I too went through all that. My homepage was so everytime I tried to view videos it would eventually fail on me. I’ll try out your solution since DEP can’t be removed. Thanks again.

  2. Greg Says:

    Thanks much for this post! I’m having the exact problem you describe and will try your fix just as soon as the computer with the problem finishes reboot. :-p

  3. NickV Says:

    Okay…. fixed!

    control panel/internet options/advanced/resey inertnet explorer settings

    Part of the process disables addons… job done!

    • Gladys Says:

      Thank you, NickV! This worked, and if I can do it, anyone can – I’m an accountant, not an IT wizard! ;-)

      I am copying your solution here so the next frustrated non-coomputer person will see it before they stop scrolling down the list.
      Thank again,

      NickV said:
      Okay…. fixed!

      control panel/internet options/advanced/resey inertnet explorer settings

      Part of the process disables addons… job done!

    • Mike Says:

      Thanks a MILLION NickV for your solution to this extremely irritating problem. My computer is back to normal. Again, thank you!!!

      • Gaurav Says:

        Thanx a lot to d topic starter & thanx a ton to u also NickV

        I used ur suggestion & now d problem is solved ( touch wood )

        God Bless u both

  4. emoney Says:

    Awesome….I’ve been trying to resolve IE issues all day. This was right on target.

  5. Internet Threat Says:

    Level 1
    After I installed the Google Toolbar with IE8 (the released version), I am getting a data execution prevention notice that says IE 8 must be closed. This happens when I click on a link that is supposed to open in a new tab; e.g., when I hold down the Ctl key while clicking the link. Usually, when I close the error box, the link opens, but in a new IE window, not a new tab in the existing window. On occasion, nothing happens. Then, if I repeat the Ctl click, I may get a new tab, I may get an error message and a new window, and I may get an error message and no new tab or window. I tried using the “turn on DEP except for” IE 8, but with no help.
    Uninstalling Google Toolbar for IE 8 seems to have fixed the issue, but now I am left without the Toolbar, which I have come to find essential.

  6. Mumbles Says:

    Your a genious Nick V!!! I spent all day trying different things before I came across what you did.

    Even the microsoft website did’nt help me.


  7. Chazzmar Says:

    Worked like a charm. After reading everyone elses post I did not know it would be that easy!!!!

  8. melissa Says:

    hey i was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the dep not letting you close your internet. i have tried ever suggestion on windows website and i am still having a problem. i cant close my internet without it telling me that there is an error and then it starts a new tab. the only way i have been able to stop the internet is to go through the task manager and even then i have to try multiple times.

  9. firstknight Says:

    Wow great,that did the trick,thanks

  10. jenny Says:

    I’m having the same problem. Can’t close out of Internet Explorer without getting error message and multiple windows opening. What a pain!!

  11. Rhomel Says:

    This is very helpfull. Had been looking for a solution for 2hours but to no avail until i stumble on your post. Thanks.. / Rommel

  12. anish Says:

    i need to have some solution to fix the problem for data execution prevention as i m unable to open facebook for the same..

  13. Jon Says:

    This did not solve my IE8 issue. Whenever I close IE8, I receive a DEP error stating that IE8 has encountered a problem and had to be closed. After going through Nick’s control panel/internet options/advanced/reset inertnet explorer settings process, I still have the problem. My IE8 has always worked, and this problem occurs only when I close IE8. This started after I had an aniti-virus virus, which is now gone. Can anyone help?

  14. Kalpita Says:

    Thanks a lot for the help….

  15. Shayna McKinley Says:

    Thank you so much! It was so annoying but now it’s even gotten worse!! Thank you so much for your suggestion and I’m going to try it right now!!!!!!!!
    God bless you!!!

  16. Kabza Says:


  17. Prashanth Says:

    THanks a TON !!!…it solved my problem with Oracle application too!!! due to many tool bars !!

  18. Liufang Says:

    About 6 years ago my computers, which I built, worked flawlessly until I gave in and allowed an installation of a tool bar. It caused problems – I removed it. Gave into a different tool bar – IT caused problems – I removed it also. I quickly came to the conclusion Tool Bars CAUSE COMPUTER GRIEF.
    What surprises me is: I have read here and there tool bars do in fact cause problems YET they are being pushed by many sites or through software programs. Also when you do a program update a tool bar is incorporated in the install that – IMO – you should UNCHECK to DENY the tool bar installation.
    Many Folks do not know that the little performance quirks they live with – once they remove those add-ons the computer comes back to life.
    I’m so curious as to WHY Tool bars are being pushed so much?

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