Wireless Broadband — Literally Coding on the Road

With a daughter competing in level 8 gymanstics and a son racing motocross, I’m on the road alot. I recently purchased a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop so I could put some of the travel time (letting the wife drive) to good use coding. If you plan really well, you can code without being connected to the internet. But it’s tough to remember everything you’ll need ahead of time, especially if you you’ve become spoiled to having access to everything all the time or if you need access to a development database that’s not on your machine.

So I finally took the plunge last Friday and signed up for Verizon’s Wireless Broadband. I opted for the USB adapter. My daughter had a gymnastics meet in Austin over the weekend (she got silver all-around!). There’s something incredibly cool about driving down I-10 at 80mph and being connected to the internet at the same time. Not to mention being able to code in between events. If you you’ve never been to a meet, you spend 5-6 hours waiting to see your daughter perform for a total of maybe 10 minutes in four events. So there’s lots of dead time. With the wireless broadband and the laptop I was able to put that time to good use.

Motocross racing is similar. There are usually 16-18 classes. My son’s just been racing in one class so I’m there for 4-7 hours to watch the two motos that my son is in that last maybe 10 minutes each. We’ll see how good the wireless broadband access is in the more remote MX track locations. I tested the connection speed once on 71 south of Bastrop (semi-boonies location) and I was getting 720Kbp which is very adequate.

If you’ve been contemplating getting wireless broadband access, I highly recommend it.


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