Wireless Hell

I’m sure being a doctor is even more annoying, but as the tech geek, I am always being called to solve all my friend’s and family’s techical problems. A buddy of mine recently changed jobs and had a new laptop. He’d had wireless working flawlessly at his house with the old laptop (with my help, of course) for the past year or so. Now, he has a new laptop and he expected to be able to just type in the passkey and things would work. No such luck.

Why does every wireless hardware vendor think the world wants to use thier, custom, oh-so-much-better wireless management module (or whatever the hell it is). Even if theirs worked perfectly (which was not the case), is it really any better than the one that comes with Windows? Even if it was better, I don’t want to learn the ideosyncrancies of their implementation. If things are working, the user hopefully will never see that piece of software again. So when they do, why the hell should it look and feel completely different for every damned wireless vendor? Wirelss isn’t new anymore! I didn’t have to use a different, vendor specific window (at least not for the last 10 years) to set up my wired lan cards. Why the hell do these vendors think I want to for my wireless card?


One Response to “Wireless Hell”

  1. CK Says:

    Stumbled across this post some FIVE years later and the situation has not improved. Your rant is STILL valid in 2011!!! And it still pisses people off to find some bloated, dysfunctional wifi manager app on my machines. And NOW even my phone has this extra superfluous software for the wifi – which when removed improves battery life and wifi stability. Its like they break wifi on purpose with these stupid connection managers.

    I just came here to say ME TOO BUDDY!

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