Resharper 3.x is Buggy as Hell

I was a huge resharper fan…until I installed 3.x. I have experienced nothing but bugs. The little bug/feedback box pops up 5 times a day on average. I have to delete all the resharper files to get the arrow keys working in one of my projects. I’ve submitted numerous bug reports and even gone to the trouble of providing screenshots and bug-demoing projects. None of them have been addressed yet.

I have read a lot of positive posts about 3.x but I really find it hard to believe that I’m the only one out there having these problems. So, as unpopular is it may make me, I’m making this post giving Resharper 3.x a big thumbs down.

P.S. I recently installed 3.0.3 build 3.0.520.30 and things are working much better.


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