Missing “Immediate” Window in Visual Studio 2005

I’ve done two fresh installs of VS 2005 in the last 9 months. Both times, the “immediate” window wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Normally, you start a project in debug mode, hit a break point, and then in the menu, Debug|Windows, you will see Immediate.

I don’t know why, but twice now, mine’s been gone. You can find out how to open the “Command” — ctrl-alt-A. But that doesn’t have intellisense. To get the to the immediate window if it’s not showing up in your Debug|Window menu, open the “command” window and type immed and press enter.

Or, as Sanjot points, out just press Ctrl-Alt-I. This appears to work as well.


27 Responses to “Missing “Immediate” Window in Visual Studio 2005”

  1. Steve Says:

    I found this to be the case also. Very annoying. You would think it would be listed in the KB as a bug.

  2. Sanjot Says:

    I just pressed Ctrl + Alt + I and it appeared.

  3. J.Smitha Says:

    Thanks Sanjot. I get it too when I press CTRL + ALT + I

  4. allen Says:

    This post should help…

    Add the Immediate Window menu item to the Visual Studio 2005 menu


  5. Anjum Rizwi Says:

    Thanks! I have also faced several time. Short cut some time works some time it does not work.
    As suggested in diffrent article I have use but no luck
    Only luck typing in “immed” in command window.

  6. Joseph D'silva Says:

    Thanks a lot for the solution

  7. Mihai Muntenas Says:

    Found another solving, which was pretty obvious though: right click any toolbar and choose Customize (at the bottom); In the window that opens up, on the left select Debug, than in the right look for Immediate Window (a small window with a red exclamation mark) and drag&drop it into a toolbar, or in the menu that it belongs to, or both :D. And it will always be there.

  8. Martin A. Says:

    For me, Ctrl+Alt+I brings up the Window Info Box – annoying. All the other solutions above worked.

  9. umk Says:

    this was realy helpful.

  10. mb Says:

    thnx Mihai Muntenas…this is the fix!
    So is the shortcut…………………….

  11. nalaka526 Says:

    thnks a lot

  12. Glenn Says:

    Hi, I too have noticed this and went “Tools”| “Import and Export Settings” then selected to reset to ‘General Development Settings’ and all seems good now.

  13. Lucius Says:

    Tnx a lot m8, u saved my nerves today

  14. karthik Says:

    Thanks a lot guys..both the shortcut keys and the general development setting works

  15. Rand Says:

    Thanks a ton! It’s been missing for a week now, and I was unable to find it anywhere!

  16. jopincar Says:

    Rand, stop programming and get busy defeating the Dark One!

  17. phillipthegreat Says:

    thanks alot man! got it now…

    it was very helpful thread!. :)

  18. TomV Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    Ctrl + Alt + I did the trick!

  19. Nick Franceschina Says:

    thanks… very annoying…

  20. Girish Says:

    Thanks Mihai Muntenas,
    The procedure worked.

  21. Гносис Says:

    Where is the menu, that lets to add Inmediate Window ?

  22. JonB Says:

    Ctrl+Alt+I worked, thank you so much!

  23. Rajkumar Says:

    Tools ==> Customize ==> Rearrange Commands ==> In the Top “Menu Bar” ==> In the Dropdownlist Select “Debug|Windows” ==> Press “Add” ==> Right Side Choose the Categories “Debug” ==> Opp Side Found Command “Immediate” After that Ctrl+Alt+I Work and also u can click Debug|Windows u Found the “Immediate Window”

  24. Tran Manh Says:

    Thanks , your solution is so great !!!

  25. Ram.. Says:

    Thanks…….. its working…

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