Search Engine Results Badly Manipulated

I guess the golden age of the internet is already over. As far as I’m concerened, Search Engine Optimization is just a euphamism for thinly-veiled fraud. I remember the good old days when typing in a simple phrase would take you to real content that was original, helpful, and genuine. Now I find myself skipping to the second or fifth page of results sometimes just to skip over all the SEO crap. I ‘ve been very unhappy with search engine results on relatively simple things. My prior post on getting a Vista machine to use a network printer on an XP host is a perfect example. I had to go through numerous versions of my search phrase to finally find a useful result. The other ones should have worked. In fact, they were “better” in the sense that they more clearly expressed what I wanted. Unfortunately, those are the phrases that the SEO leaches jump on and ruin with unhelpful, regurgitated, ad-ridden crap. It’s become sick, really.

Where’s the next Google? Is useful search gone forever? Will someone develop a way to analyze content for true relevance that can bypass the SEO crap? I hope so.


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