Why is Posting Source Code in a Blog So Hard?

I am really starting to hate HTML and markup even more than I already did. Can there be anything worse than trying to post a mix of regular writing and c# source code that contains generics? When I use the regular WordPress (online) editor in standard mode, it completely mangles my source code every time I save, even if I didn’t change anything. When I use it in block mode, I have to remember to escape greater than and less than, etc. I’ve searched for and tried several blog editing tools (BlogDesk, ScribeFire, etc.) and none of them can handle a mix of source. I see plenty of blogs out there with a nice mix of regular writing and source code all looking great. How do you do it?

P.S.: WordPress has added the “” metatag that solves this problem nicely. Remove the space between source and code.


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